by Katie MacAlister

May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-22971-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tully Sullivan, suburban mom and wizardís apprentice, leads a semi-normal life. If you donít count the odd few days every year she turns base metals to gold, that is. Then she wakes up in a strange house surrounded by people who claim to be dragons and further insist she is one, too. To make matters even more bizarre they claim she is one of the most famous dragons in history. Ysolde de Bouchier, mate to Baltic, wyvern of the Black dragon sept.

The kicker of the whole situation is that they plan to hold her accountable for the apparently dastardly deeds of a mate she doesnít know and a life she wants no part of. All she wants to do is return to her son, finish her apprenticeship and get away from these dragons. Then she sort of meets her not-quite mate Baltic, and her life becomes even more bizarre.

Katie MacAlister continues her wildly funny dragon series with Love in the Time of Dragons, the first book in the light dragon sept series. It's a hilarious tale of reincarnation, amnesia, arrogant wyverns, and sizzling hot passion. Not to be missed. I mean that, really, go buy this book. It's a fun read, fast-paced, and sexy. Tully and Baltic are a dynamic couple. Look for guest appearances from reader faves. Enjoy!

Reviewed in December 2010 by Cynthia.

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