by Linda Lael Miller

ISBN: 978-0-383-77441-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Silver Spur Ranch,

Blue River, Texas

Climbing the political ladder, fast cars, stunning women, -this made up Garret McKettrick’s life. Then a disastrous scandal hits, and Garrett’s world crumbles. His healing balm is going home to Blue River Texas. The ancestral ranch that he and his two brothers co-own is where he needs to be. When Garrett arrives he is shocked to see childhood nemesis Julie Remington, her young son Calvin, and their scrappy 3-legged beagle Harry in residence. Could life throw any more curve balls at Garrett?

High School English teacher/drama coach Julie Remington is having her own issues. A single parent, her five year old son Calvin’s father is back out of the blue and wants to be a part of Calvin's life. Well where was he when Julie was struggling to balance work and raising an asthmatic child? Next Julie's rental bungalow has to be fumigated and her older sister Libby suggests she move temporarily to Silver Spur Ranch. Libby’s fiancé is Tate McKettrick, oldest of the infamous McKettrick brothers. Supposedly the luxurious ranch house is currently empty accept for housekeeper Esperanza. Julie reluctantly accepts.

What a bombshell when drop-dead sexy Garrett McKettrick saunters in. Sparks immediately begin to fly between Julie and Garrett. It’s a good thing Julie can’t stand the man, he’s arrogant, opinionated, and very full of himself, but then Julie gets to see another side of Garrett McKettrick. Garrett’s very warm and caring with precocious Calvin and equally gentle and kind to her special needs dog, suddenly Julie feels an ache in her heart when this man is around, a complication her already convoluted life doesn’t need. Garrett feels an attraction for the gorgeous Julie, but if he enters into a relationship with the hometown teacher, can he fit her into his political career?

Linda Lael Miller’s animated style of writing is sizzling hot in the Texas sun with McKettricks of Texas: Garrett. Three McKettrick brothers who love three hometown sisters is the premise of this romantic series. We were introduced to the characters in Tate’s story and it will be great to follow it along to its conclusion when Austin hooks up with youngest Remington sister, Paige, in the next book.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Bonnie.

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