by Jess Dee

December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60504-852-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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Unable to choose between two men Julia Savage has fought her desire for Jay and Hunter, that is until Jay and Hunter decide to do the pursuing. Faced with the complications of entering into an unconventional relationship Julia tries to get her relationship with Jay and Hunter back to normal but her resistance soon crumbles in the face of their heated determination. When Julia decides to enter into a relationship with Jay and Hunter she tries to keep it purely physical but soon finds it hard to keep it that way as her feelings for both men deepen.

Going All In is a delight to read as we follow along on Julia’s path to happiness. Julia‘s love for two men and her struggle to accept those feelings are interesting to watch as she navigates her way to a relationship that she can put her whole heart into. Jay and Hunter’s determination not to allow Julia’s misgivings to get in the way of their attempt at a relationship is intriguing to see and sure to set readers pulses racing. The issues that Julia, Jay and Hunter must face as they try to make their relationship something more than a lark is wonderful to read and not something readers will want to miss. Jess Dee has done a great job of creating a story and characters that readers will enjoy as they follow them on a steamy adventure that may just lead to an unexpected happily ever. Jess Dee's story will not only set readers aflame but have them coming back for more.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Claudia.

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