by Lucy Monroe

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23304-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Moon Craving is a new book in Lucy Monroe’s Children of the Moon series.

Abigail is being forced to marry Talorc, laird of the Sinclair clan, and the man her sister rejected. Now Abigail’s mother is asking the King to offer Abigail instead. Abigail is scared out of her wits to travel so far away to an unknown land with an unknown man as her groom. Her fears are only magnified by her deafness, a fact she knows she will have to hide else she is afraid Talorc will not marry her.

Against his will, Talorc is very attracted to Abigail, despite his extreme prejudices against the English. But he can never tell her of his true nature, that of a Chrechte warrior, a man who turns into a wolf. He is sure he will never be able to trust her with the legacy of his clan. Likewise, Abigail is busy hiding her deafness from Talorc and the clan; sure she will be rejected and repudiated if ever discovered. These two must put aside their fears in order to forge a strong future with each other. But with deep misunderstanding on both sides, is it possible for Abigail and Talorc to find happiness together?

Lucy Monroe invokes passion and tension in Moon Craving. Abigail and Talorc have a very rocky relationship but a mutual attraction and communication help to smooth the way for these two. Being married is a huge adjustment but they are giving it everything, even while holding things back. These characters have an odd dichotomy about them but it makes the story interesting certainly. While there were a few plot lines that were tied up too quickly at the end of the story, I nonetheless raced through this love story.

Abigail and Talorc prove that when the lies are pushed aside, true love can develop. While it may be easy to become frustrated with this pair, they are working at a relationship against strong odds. Here is a romance about overcoming everything to find contentment and joy in love.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Sarah.

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