by Gwyn Cready

April 2010
ISBN: 1-4391-0724-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Campbell Stratford is an art expert working for the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. She is currently in line for a promotion. To increase her chances and to prove herself indispensable to the museum, Cam arranges for a genuine Van Dyck painting to be on display at Carnegie. She is also working on a fictography of that same artist. It is during her research that Cam discovers a time portal through a book available on Amazon. It is a veritable gold mine for a writer. She can learn more about her subject by actually going back in time. However, not everyone is as psyched about this opportunity as Cam.

The Guild supervises the souls in the afterlife. They decide who may utilize a time tube and when they may use it. The Guild is not happy to find that someone has made use of an undetected time tube and is using it to write a tell-all book about the artist Van Dyck. To counteract the effects of such a book, the Guild orders another artist by the name of Peter Lely to go back to 1673 London, find Campbell Stratford and stop the book from ever happening. In the meantime, the Guild will be searching for the secret time tube.

Peter Lely has his own reasons for going back to the past. There is one thing which has haunted him even into his afterlife: He never married the mother of his child. When the woman he loved died in childbirth along with his son, they were not buried in consecrated ground. There is no tombstone to show they were loved, that they belonged. To go back and change that meant more than anything to Peter.

He didnít expect Campbell to be a woman and he didnít expect to be attracted to her. But Peter has a goal and he canít afford to be distracted from it. Therefore, Peter misleads Cam by giving her wrong information about Van Dyck.

Back in the present time Cam finishes the Van Dyck novel and sends it off for publication. After book promotions are already underway it is discovered to be plagiarized. Peter had given Cam the line-by-line plot of a Moliťre play. To get her revenge Cam switches strategy and begins a fictography based on Peter Lely. Only she has her facts all wrong and Peter goes to the future to set her straight.

Gwyn Creadyís new time-travel romance moves slowly in the first part of the book. After Peter arrives in modern times the plot picks up speed and remains strong until the end. The heroine is assertive until she interacts with her overbearing sister. I didnít like the fact that Cam could be mean-spirited, too. To be honest, the only character I liked in this book was Jeanne, Camís assistant.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Rho.

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