by Ruby Duvall

August 2009
ISBN: 9781419923241
Reviewer Graphic Button Ellora`s Cave

Emma has been in a fatal car accident, however for some reason she is not a fatality. When she wakes up, she is carrying the steering wheel, her purse, and she is still in her fairy costume for the Halloween party she was on her way to. Emma realizes she is no longer in the year 2000 but in the year 1300 or so. She is completely confused yet fascinated. The only key to her existence in this time is a locket that is around her neck that has secret messages hidden in it.

In walks Iain. Surly, unsmiling, and not all that willing to take her in. He has lost a sister, a mother, and a lover to the black death. He is not willing to open his home let alone his heart to this strange looking fairy girl. However, at the persuasiveness of his meddlesome brother-in-law and the old lady of the village he reluctantly allows Emma to abide with him. There is one problem, he is hot for her body, and he is afraid she may not feel the same way. What he does not know is Emma is just as hot for him. They argue and fight, but underneath all of that tension is a passion that burns deeper than anything they have ever felt.

Iain feels like he has enough to deal with the enemy clans trying to steal from him, the heartbreaking death of those he loved, and now this girl who is believed to be a fairy. He does not have time to scratch an itch or fall in love or does he?

Stay With Me is a witty story about time travel, passion, and loveís healing power. Donít let the smooth taste fool you because this book gets really hot. The seemingly innocent Emma is hot sex on a plate. When Emma and Iain get together it is an inferno of passion and lust. This read has adventure intrigue and you may shed a tear or two, but enjoy the ride it is worth the trip.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Lakisha.

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