by Janelle Denison

November 2003
ISBN: 0-7582-0551-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

We have met Eric and Steve Wilde in their own stories and now we get to meet their brother, Adrian Wilde, known as “The Wilde One”. Adrian loves extreme adventures, the more the risk, the more adrenaline he gets, the more he loves it. That is how he earned his nickname “The Wilde One”. He loves it so much that he now owns and operates Wilde Adventures. But along with the adventure he has his own scars that he doesn’t want to let anyone get near him again after the past and what a woman did to him. Not only are his scars emotional ones but physical as well.

Chayse Douglas is putting together a calendar of gorgeous man to help raise charity for a children’s hospital. She has been after Adrian for four months now to get him to pose for the calendar. He has turned her down flat each and every time. She knows he has a deep emotional reason for his refusal, she just has to figure out what. After four months of chasing to get Adrian to pose for her camera, she is finally offered the chance to catch his beautiful body on film. Chayse has some scars of her own and they are completely emotional. Will Adrian be able to break her resolve?

Can the two of them let go of their past and have a future together? After the four months of being denied the attraction to one another that all changes during their weekend together. Don’t forget this is a Wilde and he knows how to use his appeal and how to dominate just like his brothers.

Janelle Denison has once again given us a tale of erotic dreams and fantasy, a hero and heroine that are on equal footing, both with their lives and their emotions. Both coming to terms with what they want in the future and how each of them goes about getting it. The Wilde One is just that - a wild ride of hope, understanding and love. Another Wilde story not to be missed in the Bad Boys To Go anthology. We get to meet Cameron and Mia once again in The Wilde One, I hope their story is next.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Pam.

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