by Sophie Jordan

April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-157921-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Deceptions, lies, a ruse so twisted Evelyn “Cross” knows it could all blow up in a single misguided moment of letting down her guard. Shipped off at an early age to the ominous Penwich School, Evie relied on her friendship with kindred souls Fallon and Marguerite to get through the years of bullying, hunger, and beatings dealt by the headmaster. After leaving that hateful institution more misfortune befell Evie. Evie once again took second chair to her younger and prettier sister Linnie, who had put their parents’ hopes and aspirations for Linnie to marry well so they could live a better life all to blunder when she became pregnant. Rather then see Linnie’s child sent off to one of those terrible places not unlike where Evie spent her formative years, she agreed to masquerade as the child’s mother, pretending widowhood and going off to the countryside to live in peace and solitude to raise her “son.”

Lord Spencer Lockhart made a promise to his cousin and best friend Ian while Ian lay dying in his arms from the wounds he received during the battle of the Light Brigade. Spencer would seek out Ian’s Linnie and take care of her and the child she bore. While serving in the military, both of Spencer’s older reprobate brothers died, leaving Spencer the title of Viscount Winters and all the wealth and holdings that went with it. Now Spencer is forced to find a suitable bride and beget an heir. When Spencer finally finds the woman he thinks to be Linnie Cosgrove, he is blown away by the enchanting and quite spunky “widow.” Always in awe of the tales Ian spun of his “Linnie,” Spencer was already half in love with the woman. Somehow he convinces Linnie/Evie to wed him for the benefit of both of them. She would get the security of his good name and protection, a father for her child, and he would get the heir he needs to secure the future of his family. So In Scandal They Wed!

Sophie Jordan is flawless at the art of writing the perfect Regency and does it again with her second in her Penwich School trilogy. In Scandal They Wed reads with smooth even flow of the plot and a hot sexual tension heated up by vividly depicted characters.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Bonnie.

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