by Karen Kelley

December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2576-4
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Trade Paperback

Dating Outside Your DNA is the newest book in Karen Kelley’s Nerakian book series.

Lyraka is half-human, half-Nerakian. She has never really figured out quite where she fits in unfortunately. However, she has high hopes that being recruited to be part of a special group that monitors and helps other planets will help her find her own place in the human world. Lyraka has special abilities and she just wants to use them for a good purpose.

Roan Hendrix is not thrilled to be the one leading Lyraka. He thinks it will just be one big hassle, but instead, he finds himself very attracted to her. Lyraka is equally attracted to Roan, but she is afraid of her feelings for him. Her attraction is so overwhelming and strong, she is afraid she will burn him. But if Roan is willing to take the chance, will Lyraka say no?

I have really enjoyed Karen Kelley’s past Nerakian books but unfortunately, this book did not live up to its predecessors. Instead of being focused on the growing romance between Roan and Lyraka, the story seems more focused on Lyraka’s training as an agent. It is boring and slow. Roan and Lyraka have chemistry galore, but with extraneous plots thrown into the story, they seem to get lost in the mix. Also, some of the charm of the Nerakian naiveté seems to be missing from the story.

Readers who have stuck with Karen Kelley in this series will certainly want to pick up this book. I would not get your hopes up however. I did like Lyraka quite a bit and I really liked Roan and Lyraka’s scenes together, but on the whole this book is a pleasant story and that is about all.

Reviewed in December 2009 by Sarah.

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