by Janelle Denison

July 2003
ISBN: 0-758-20359-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

If you like the opening paragraph to Wilde Thing then you will definitely enjoy the rest of the story. The opening is tame compared to the rest of the story and what happens between Liz and Steve.

Liz owns a coffee shop and has been eyeing this one customer since he first started coming into the shop. Not only eyeing him but having the most erotic dreams about him as well. They havenít talked except for the normal ordering of his favorite drink, and she doesnít even know his name.

Steve Wilde has been going to the coffee shop for over a month now and he was also having the most erotic dreams leaving him with a problem in the mornings.

Liz has a problem and she goes to Steve for his help. Steve is a PI and he agrees to help Liz find her cousin Valerie. Valerie only said she was going away for the weekend but it lasts longer than that and Liz was feeling guilty as she told her aunt and uncle that she would keep an eye on Valerie.

Letís just say the week was put to good use by Steve and Liz. They both have a very healthy appetite for sex and they know how to use it to their advantage. But they both have baggage from the past that keeps them from being together for more than the affair. Steve hasnít met a woman who could keep up with him in the bedroom, that is until he met Liz and he is divorced and he doesnít want to be married again. Liz has always put other people first before her own happiness and this time is no different. But will the affair between them end when Liz learns where Valerie is? Or will the attraction and the love that is blossoming between them be enough to bring them together?

Janelle Denison has written a truly sensually, erotic read, with a too die for bad boy, who knows how to use it to his advantage and one feisty woman. Iím surprised my hands are not burned from reading Wilde Thing. The heat Steve and Liz threw off is just amazing, they are drawn to each other and they definitely might light a fire if they were close to anything combustible. Letís just say I will not look at warm caramel in the same light again. If you liked Eric Wildeís story then you will love this one. I canít wait to see what she has planned for Adrian Wilde.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Pam.

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