by Michaela August

July 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-434-5
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Siegfried Rodernwiller has returned to his beloved childhood home after the war. Surprised that his father did not meet him at the station, he ventures inside to see that the war has destroyed part of what once was a beautiful show place. After calling out to his father and getting no answer Siegfried makes his way to the family office, were he discovers his father has taken his own life. Siegfried is devastated, in his haste to flee he knocks over a candlestick holder and everything goes up in a blaze. With no money and home to his name and his fatherís ring, Siegfried travels to San Francisco to stay with his Grandmother Tati.

Alice Roye is running her late husband`s vineyard Montclair, she is being pressured by her brother-in-law Hugh to sell the vineyard to him. In a last desperate attempt to hold on to something that was so dear to her husband Bill, Alice hires Siegfried to become her vintner. Alice holds a dark secret from her past that threatens to become exposed and hurt Montclair and her position in society.

Sweeter Than Wine, is a riveting story of second chances in life and love. I enjoyed this story, Alice`s determination to be a good business woman was admirable, while I was reading about her learning the wine making business I was thinking `You Go Girl`! I thought Siegfried was very sexy and imagined what his accent sounded like. All I have to say is, I like it! There was one part of the story I was very annoyed with, the fact that Alice was bullied into marriage with Siegfried, by his grandmother Tati who threatened to reveal Aliceís secret. Donít fret there is a happy ending for both Alice and Siegfried, this is my first read by Ms.August but certainly not my last.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Ronica.

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