by Gail Ranstrom

June 2003
ISBN: 0-373-29260-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Gail Ranstromís newest historical Saving Sarah is another look into the lives of the ladies of the Wednesday League. A group of ladies who meet to correct injustice and help the downtrodden, think Superman in a dress in regency England! In Saving Sarah it is Lady Sarah Hunterís turn to find love and the man of her dreams. When Sarah meets Ethan Travis, he is well connected with the less than desirable elements in London. When he offers to help her with the Wednesday League's current project, Sarah reluctantly accepts and sparks begin to fly! Saving Sarah is a truly moving story about a woman who believes her deepest secret will keep her from ever finding love and man who is determined to capture this unique and challenging woman for himself no matter the cost.

In this novel Ranstrom expertly intertwines into the story several challenging topics including: rape, abuse, and treason. These topics, while part of the story, are so adeptly portrayed that the reader does not find them out of place nor distasteful. I applaud the author for succeeding at bringing real life situations and topics into the historical world.

I found the characters of Sarah and Ethan to be truly misunderstood and at times even tortured by the rest of world, which of coarse makes for a truly great romance. I noticed the interaction between the two of them was very true to life; they are at times, miserable, angry, blissfully happy, and even out of control, all the feelings that true love provides. I enjoyed watching Sarah and Ethan falling in love bit by bit as the plot progressed and as they overcame all that stood between them, I, as reader, had to cheer for them. The secondary characters in Saving Sarah really make the story and the plot explode with action and intrigue. They are masterfully placed to support the main characters but they never steal the show from Sarah or Ethan. As these two characters deal with the intrigue that surrounds them and those closest to them, Sarah and Ethan discover that love has a way of healing all wounds and making everything all right in the end.

I highly recommend Saving Sarah as fabulous look in to life of one not so typical woman in love with a truly extraordinary man who let nothing not even treason stand in the way of love.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Jen.

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