by Vicki Lewis Thompson

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-22892-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Chicago, Ill.

This was the night it was going to happen! After a few weeks of dating, Anica Revere was planning on bringing home Jasper Danes. Anica had broken several of her rules when it came to sexy-as-all-sin Jasper. She hadnít mentioned the little fact that she happened to be a witch. Things were going great and according to Anicaís plans, when Jasperís ex-girlfriend shows up at the restaurant where they are dining. It seems Jasper had bent the truth (well just a little) about their break-up which he used to his favor as a pick-up line when he started coming into Anicaís coffee shop Wicked Brew.

Stalking away from the flustered Jasper, Anica makes her way home, (as best she can in stiletto heels). But Jasper isnít giving up so easy, not when he's this close getting into the blondeís bed. When Jasper makes a desperate grab for Anica she whips out her wand and breaks the biggest rule any witch or wizard can, she zaps Jasper into a cat!

Wait, this could not be happening, it has to be some sort of bizarre dream! First, Jasper and Anica were getting along great and getting ready to head back to her place, hopefully for some mind blowing shake the ground sex. Then Jasperís ex, Sheila, shows up and starts spouting all kinds of accusations that makes Anica turn tail and run. While trying to convince her that he has changed and isnít the same man he was when he was with the spurned Sheila, the gorgeous blonde babe whips out a sharp looking stick and points it at him muttering something that sounds like Latin, and the next thing Jasper knows heís hissing and spitting mad! Thatís because the Blonde with a Wand has turned him into a cat!

Magically delicious, Vicki Lewis Thompson brews up a hilarious romantic comedy that will keep you chuckling page after page with Blonde with a Wand! Animal lovers will take extra delight in the story told through Jasper the catís perspective. Anica tries to make things right and enlists her shamefully over-the-top sister to help. Throw in Anicaís jealous ďrealĒ pet cat Orion, her two nosy neighbors, and Blonde with a Wand is purr-fection!

Reviewed in January 2010 by Bonnie.

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