by Patricia Rice

March 2003
ISBN: 0-8041-1982-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mara Simon had come a long way from the innocent 16 year old that Tim McCloud knew before. Now she is a twice-divorced Hollywood producer.

I found the character of Mara hard to like. Even though the author gives the reader plenty of glimpses into her past I still found her too self-centred and a bit over the top. Timís character was the typical hardheaded macho male that can be easy to dislike. In this story I just felt sorry for him that he fell for Mara, even if she was the heroine.

There is plenty of passion between them but the chemistry felt wrong to me and I wanted to really believe there was a real woman behind the faÁade that Mara wore. I found it harder to believe as the story went on.

Secondary characters like her two ex-husbandsí did not really help in liking Maraís character better even though neither of them was very endearing. More likeable were Jared, Timís brother and Cleo, Jaredís wife. Cleo especially was a very interesting person and I did enjoy the partís she appeared in.

Patricia Rice is an author I normally enjoy a lot but this book definitely didnít appeal to me at all. The plotline was hard to get into and the whole idea of the film interfering with Timís research was too drawn out for my taste. Timís constant bad temper got to be a bit aggravating after a while. He was constantly ready to explode over something! Not the most appealing of heroes at all!

I suppose overall the two characters deserved each other! Iím afraid I found the story dragging too much and I was really quite happy to reach the end so I could start a new book!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Mary.

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