by Susan McBride

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-177126-2
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When women become cougars society frowns on them dating and marrying younger men, look upon them as fast and loose, with low or no morals. Society needs a wake up call with their double standards, one for women and one for men, and just let people live their own lives.

Kat Maguire does not like the fact that she is not getting any younger and the dating pool for her age group is getting pretty empty. She and her friends decide to head where the younger men hang out and get their fair share of the action.

One of Kat's best friends, Carla is also feeling her age. She is a news anchorwoman, and is feeling threatened by a much younger woman, who is on deck to replace her as the anchorwoman. She is feeling a bit low because that is what she did to some one else at the same station.

The last of the trio is Elise. She is going through the empty nest syndrome, and she fears her husband of many years is cheating on her.

These three women are out to prove to themselves and the world, just because you have reached a certain age, does not mean you can not have fun and live your life to its fullest potential.

What a great read! The female characters rock and roll to their own beat. It only took a few days to read this book and was well worth the time. There is laughter, tears, and of course, romance. Take the time to get to know Kat, Carla and Elise, you might be surprised and find yourself in one of them.

Reviewed in August 2010 by Pat.

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