by Deirdre Martin

March 2003
ISBN: 0-515-13489-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Stanley Cup champion, New York Blades, is a PR nightmare. Janna MacNeil is the newly hired publicist by the new team owner, Kidco Corporation, to repair and re-image the whole team. First of all, she needs the players to make public appearances and participate in charity functions. Moreover, she needs full co-operation from the teamís captain, Ty Gallagher.

Ty Gallagherís aim is to win the Stanley Cup again and doesnít care much about PR. No matter how Janna reasons or begs him, he doesnít participate to please the new boss. On the other hand, he is a gorgeous guy and finds Janna cute and smart. He loves to rub shoulders with Janna and thatís what makes the story become alive and interesting.

New author, Deirdre Martin, sets her first scene of Body Check in the locker room of the New York Blades and success in attracting readersí attention. The first chapter introduces the players of the team as well as the hero and heroine. Readers will love Jannaís independence and capability in solving any problems in the teams and Tyís confidence and strong leadership.

What is ice hockey? Well, I didn't know until Body Check. It gives me a brief idea about what it is like and I had so much fun in reading about these gorgeous and capable players. Apart from this, the dialogue between Janna and Ty kept me laughing and scowling all through the pages. If you love a romance with a sport theme, Body Check is the one you are looking for! And donít miss the sequel of this fun tale Fair Play in January 2004.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Rose.

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