by Flesa Black

October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60737-452-7
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Bakery owner Vivien Spooner is a successful businesswoman, respected by the community and loved by both friends and family. She, however, has very little love for herself (thanks to her jerk of an ex-husband). Due to this poor self image, Vivien sees the über sexy Rex Samuels as out-of-her-league. But the entire town can see Rex and Vivien are attracted to one another and wait patiently to see when they will hook up. An attack by a wild dog sends Vivien to Rex’s house to recuperate and she finally gets one on one time with the tempting carpenter.

Rex has been eyeing the voluptuous beauty, Vivien Spooner, since moving to the town five years ago. He’s wanted her in his bed just as long. When Vivien is attacked, Rex wants her to stay with him because he knows it wasn’t a wild dog that came after her. It was a werewolf. Now he must find the way to tell Vivien the truth. That he, Rex is also a werewolf and in mere days Vivien will become one as well. To make matters worse, the werewolf who bit Vivien will be coming back to claim her. Rex has little time to help Vivien accept the truth and allow him to protect her. But will she stick around once the truth is out?

Big Bad Wolf by Flesa Black is an erotic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. This story is well-written and enjoyable. Not to mention hot, hot, hot! Ms. Black’s wolf tale has a likable heroine readers will be able to connect with and a dreamy werewolf hero with whom readers will fall in love.

If you like a spicy werewolf tale then you won’t want to miss Flesa Black’s Big Bad Wolf.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Rho.

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