by Lynsay Sands

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-06-134478-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

She was known as the “Stewart Shrew” a name Merewen Stewart was not exactly proud of. Since the death of her mother, her father Laird of the Stewart clan and her two brothers did nothing but get drunk. Merry had her hands full dealing with the three of them and keeping the clan going. So when her father announces that her betrothed has summoned her and finally wishes to marry her Merry is ecstatic! No more dealing with drunks or having to hide for fear of the abuse they can heap upon her. Merry will finally have peace and happiness, and then she meets her intended and her dreams die a cruel death!

Lord Alexander d’Aumesberry has returned to his home and realizes he must make good on the betrothal his late father contracted for him years ago. Hearing the reputation his bride carries of being a shrew has not made Alex too eager, but perhaps she won’t be all that bad. The aching tooth he has been suffering with has caused him to seek out the blacksmith for treatment, who recommends that the very large and very strong Alex imbibe of alcohol, (something Alex tends to avoid for it dulls the fighting skills he has been renowned for) to numb the pain. What Merry walks in on upon her arrival to meet her groom is just the same scene she has left at her home, drunken chaos! Alex is impatient for the beautiful Merewen to give his love a chance. Alex wants to prove to Merry he is not like her family, another drunken lout. Taming the Highland Bride won’t be easy, for a menacing evil is stalking Alex. Can his wild Highland bride save him in time?

Lynsay Sands’ trademark wit is written abundantly in her latest historical romp, Taming the Highland Bride. The twist with this one is the hero is not saving the heroine, (well not all the time), the heroine, the emotionally charged Lady Merewen Stewart has to save Alex. Merry is strong, capable, and yet vulnerable when she begins to let her guard down to Alex. I liked her from the very start. Good fun, good read, Taming the Highland Bride is sure to fly off the bookshelves!

Reviewed in January 2010 by Bonnie.

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