by Joan Medlicott

November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4165-9735-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books

The Covington ladies are on the hunt for living descendants of two civil war soldiers after discovery of a tin box containing letters and diaries written by these soldiers. They investigate all the leads they can. They want to reunite the families with these precious gifts and to give the families knowledge of what really happened to their ancestors.

As the ladies read through these papers, one is transported back in time to the Civil War and all the horrors which go along with it. The soldiers come to life through their innermost private thoughts, one can feel their pain, their hopes, their reasons for staying with the old woman who nursed them both back to life, and also hid them from bounty hunters looking for stragglers.

These two soldiers decided the old woman needed them more than their families did, and started carving out lives, they married and had children. They also took great pains to make sure their savior is never lacking for anything she needed. They believe if she had not stumbled upon them that fateful day, they would have both died.

This is a wonderful book, just in time for Christmas. It will sweep the reader away to a time in the United States which divided the North and South, and bring together two families who can be proud of their ancestors and themselves. It was a joy to be reunited with Grace, Amelia, and Hannah, the Covington Ladies who have been through so much together. The author, Joan Medlicott is such a talented writer, she has the right ingredients to ensure each book in the Covington series will be a joy to read.

Reviewed in December 2009 by Pat.

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