by Nora Roberts

May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23368-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Savor the Moment is the third book in the Bride Quartet Series and it features Delaney Brown and Laurel McBane, wedding baker for Vows. Laurel has been in love with Delaney for a long time, but he has always treated her like a sister and lately, she is just plain tired of it. When a spat between Del and Laurel flares up, she kisses him, changing their dynamic forever.

Del is forced to look at Laurel in a new light, forced to confront feelings he did not see coming. But, Del is not afraid of change and is willing to see how a romance between them could work. Laurel agrees and before they realize it, these two are falling into a very comfortable relationship. But Laurel has doubts and nothing Del does or says seems to quiet the feeling that she is just not meant to be with him forever.

Savor the Moment is a solid story. While the romance between Del and Laurel is rather staid and at some points, a bit dry and boring, I still enjoyed re-visiting these characters. The friendships between the women are really my favorite parts of this series and Nora Roberts does not skimp on the friendship. Even the friendship between Del, Jack, Carter, and Mal is highlighted and explored.

There is a few laugh out loud funny moments, some heartbreaking moments, and of course, a well-written love story. As usual, Nora Roberts highlights the wonderful moments of falling in love.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Sarah.

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