by Linda Howard

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0-345-51719-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

This holiday season the reader on your list might be asking for Linda Howard’s newest release Ice. The cover of Ice might lead readers to believe that they’re getting a holiday story, but that illusion is shattered with the turning of the first page.

Gabriel McQueen has just returned home, and is looking forward to a visit with his son, and his parents, but a threatening ice storm is hours away and his father, the local sheriff, requests his help in getting Lolly Helton to town. Lolly lives on top of the mountain, in an isolated area, and might not be aware of the danger that the upcoming storm presents.

However, as the story unfolds it quickly becomes apparent that the ice storm is not the only thing that Lolly has to fear. A stop at the local grocery store to pick up provisions turns into an offer of a place to wait out the storm, so Lolly decides to go home, but is unaware that she was spied by two drug addicts who change their plans of robbing the store, and decide to instead follow Lolly home, and rob her.

Gabriel does not have an easy time getting to the house to get Lolly, and when he finally does reach her home he discovers the very unpleasant situation of Lolly being held hostage and at the mercy of two very unpredictable addicts.

Now the action begins and to find out who if anyone survives, you’re going to have to read Ice for yourself. However, when you read don’t forget to ask yourself if you were in this dire situation would you have time to build a relationship or would you be solely focused on survival? Your answer should affect your enjoyment of Ice.

While Ice was a pleasant enough way to wile away an afternoon, I would suggest giving the booklover on your list a gift card, and allowing them to pick their favorite book for themselves.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Sandi.

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