by Amanda Ashley

February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0443-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Daisy O’Donnell lives in a world where vampires are a known threat. The bloodsuckers are citizens who have no legal rights. In fact, they are on the government’s most wanted list. People are encouraged and rewarded for killing vampires. For this reason vampires do not go around proudly proclaiming themselves.

Daisy comes from a family of vampire hunters, but she doesn’t have the stomach for killing anything, even the undead. Instead, Daisy is a Blood Thief. She hunts young vampires with the help of a magic compass and while they are in their death-sleep she takes their blood. Daisy then sells the blood over the internet. It’s how she makes her living and it’s a dangerous career. The key to surviving is not getting caught.

Erik Delacourt sees Daisy for the first time in an L.A. nightclub called The Crimson Crypt. He is immediately attracted to her and asks her to dance. The two agree to meet each other at the Crypt night after night but it seems one thing or another keeps them from their arranged date. Neither Erik nor Daisy know how close their worlds are to colliding. For Erik is a vampire who just committed himself to his best friend, and Master of the City, to help find the Blood Thief. When Daisy’s compass directs her to Erik’s home and he finds out who she really is, he is faced with a challenging situation. Honor his fealty to Rhys, the Master of the City, or protect the woman he is falling in love with, who also happens to be the Blood Thief.

Daisy is upset to learn the gorgeous man she has been falling for is in truth, a vampire. She was trained from childhood to hate vampires and to kill them. A battle ensues between her heart and her mind. Then there is her family. What will they do when they find out their little girl is in love with a vampire? But that problem takes a backseat when Daisy is forced to kill a vampire and she becomes the hunted.

Everlasting Kiss is a great read from the talented pen of author Amanda Ashley. The reader is held in suspense not only by the oldest vampire in the city being after the heroine, but also about how the hero and heroine can overcome the increasing obstacles and find true happiness with each other. This book is full of nonstop action and sexual tension which leads to an exciting conclusion.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Rho.

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