by Sue Wilson

February 2003
ISBN: 1-59105-065-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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Greenwood gives credence to the old adage; there are always two sides to every story. Sue Wilson chooses to portray The Sheriff of Nottingham’s side of the coin in a fun romp through Sherwood Forest!

Thea Aelred lives in a cottage near Sherwood Forest, aiding the sick and aged with her medicinal herbs. Thea has suffered a great deal in her young life, widowed and alone she barely skirts danger, by consorting with men from Robin’s band of hoods. In particular John Little, someone she has grown close to since her husbands death. Thea’s life will change drastically as a result of the war waged between Robin Hood and Sheriff Nottingham!

The Sheriff of Nottingham is infuriated by Robin and his band of merry men; they are in his mind, nothing short of unlawful. When he gets wind of Thea, from his devious cousin Gisborne the Sheriff sets out to find the men who are robbing the rich and giving to the poor. In the thick of the forest he and his men are attacked, as a result he shows up at Thea’s doorstep, wounded and angry! Thea helps the distasteful Sheriff, and finds him rather attractive in the process. When he refuses to stay put after so serious an injury, he drags Thea back to Nottingham with him, to tend to his medical needs and then won’t let her leave. He declares her his surgeon, and then claims he wants her in his bed! Misunderstandings and difficulties abound for the couple and suspicion and lies brew a fine caldron of deceit! Will the Sheriff be able to overcome his anger at Thea’s supposed sympathy for Robin Hood?

I’m going to confess and be totally honest when I say; this reviewer usually has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the historical section of her local Barnes and Noble. It simply is not my forte; I do not enjoy the limitations the historical places on an author, and history almost always bores me to tears. This however was oodles of fun! I loved Robin Hood as a child and I have to tell you, I never gave a great deal of thought to the Sheriff of Nottingham. The author gave him a great story indeed, and I began to sympathize with his plight for law and order. He is gruff and petulant, sharp of tongue and not unlike a keg of dynamite waiting to explode! Softening him is his need for Thea, but he wages a righteous battle over her loyalties. Thea is a dynamic creature; she too possesses a razor sharp tongue, but also a heart of gold for the weak and simple minded. Their dialogue is beguiling and fast paced, heightened with the simmering sexual tension these two shared!

I will warn you; this book is an investment in time, engaging as it was. I understand this is also available in paperback, you might want to curl up on the couch rather than hunch over you’re laptop with it! Despite its length, it was fascinating, and multi faceted. There is so much more to this than what’s included in this review. Love in Sherwood Forest is Greenwood!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Connie.

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