by Brenda Joyce

March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-77460-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Alexandra Bolton promised on her mother’s deathbed that she would care for her father and sisters. Alexandra then proceeded to break her betrothal and focus solely on the well-being of her family. It hasn’t been easy thanks to her father’s drinking and gambling. To make ends meet, Alexandra takes in the gentry’s dresses. But even this effort cannot withstand the Baron’s ever growing debts. One day the Baron tells Alexandra and her sisters he can no longer afford them. He must marry them off one by one beginning with Alexandra. A local squire has taken a shine to Alexandra and will soon begin courting her. Alexandra, long used to denying herself, accepts her fate much to the dismay of her younger sisters.

During a visit from the elderly squire he invites Alexandra and her family to accompany him to a ball. Since Alexandra knows the family hosting the ball she agrees to go. She wants her sisters to have better opportunities. While at the ball the guests make their feelings apparent. What right did Alexandra have to socialize with them? It is beyond insulting! It starts to get to Alexandra and she nearly faints, but the very handsome Duke of Clarewood comes to her rescue. Added to Alexandra’s mortification is her father getting drunk and making a spectacle of himself. Once again the Duke aides her family by having her father safely seen home. Alexandra has no idea her life is about to change.

There was only one thing that mattered to the former Duke of Clarewood and it wasn’t family. There were no tender words of love spoken on his father’s deathbed, only a charge for Stephen to do his duty; “There is only Clarewood.” Stephen has taken that duty to extreme. As if by doing so he might finally earn, at the very least, admiration from the former Duke and that maybe he will be forgiven for being a de Warenne.

When Alexandra Bolton caught his attention at the Harrington Ball Stephen knew he’d found his next mistress. The Duke of Clarewood always gets what he wants and figures she will be warming his bed within a night or two. He doesn’t expect to be denied, but that is exactly what Alexandra does. She knows the Duke has wicked intentions and marriage certainly isn’t one of them. Alexandra returns the Duke’s gift and explains her plan to marry the squire. Unfortunately, her efforts only manage to intrigue the Duke.

When Alexandra finally agrees to be Clarewood’s mistress a downward spiral begins of which she has no control.

An Impossible Attraction is the new de Warenne novel by Brenda Joyce. Stephen and Alexandra’s story is intense, invariably capturing the reader and refusing to let go. There is much more to say, but to do so will cheat the reader from experiencing An Impossible Attraction for themselves.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Rho.

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