by Beverly Barton

February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0051-8
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Mass Market Paperback

As winter turns into spring what better way to whittle away the day than curled up with a blanket, a favorite beverage, and a good book? I personally canít think of one. Is there anything better for those somewhat dreary days than a gritty suspense with great chemistry between the characters? If you are in agreement with me, then I recommend you read Dead by Midnight by Beverly Barton.

For a long time Iíve been a fan of Ms. Bartonís. Iíve always felt as though her books could be read independently even though they might have characters flowing from one book to the next. Unfortunately, with Dead by Midnight I have to change my mindset and suggest that you read all the books in the Griffin Powell series first.

Other than the fact that I felt like I was missing some background with a few of the characters, particularly Griffin and his wife Nic, I still was totally engrossed in the main plot of someone locating and murdering the former stars of a porn movie called Midnight Masquerade.

Lorie Hammonds is one of those stars even though the movie was many years ago, and she has tried to move on things about that period of her life continue to haunt her, and prevent her from achieving full love and happiness.

Mike Birkett is the sheriff of the small town where he grew up, and once upon a time he thought he had a future with Lorie, but he wasnít prepared to follow her to California on her chase for her dream of fame and fortune. He settled down, married, and was raising children when his wife was struck with cancer and died.

Now that Lorie is back home will he be able to see past her unpleasant past and look to a future with her, or will she be the next one on the killerís list to be Dead by Midnight? For those answers you need to read it for yourself.

Dead by Midnight has a full cast of characters and several side stories going on, but none of these interfere with the main story, and only whet oneís appetite for future works from Ms. Barton featuring the Powell Agency, and all their employees. I for one canít wait!

Reviewed in March 2010 by Sandi.

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