by Maggie MacKeever

October 2009
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Benedict Baird, aka Sinbad, is supposed to be one of the wickedest rakehells in London. He has traveled the world learning about the amatory arts, so rumor has it. He has taken part in a sultanís harem and has indulged in sexual escapades that have never been seen in London. At least, that is what the ton believes. In reality, Baird knows he is not that wicked until he is presented with a temptation that brings out all of his potential wickedness.

Miranda Russell, aforementioned temptation, does not want to be married. The women in her family have a habit of falling for a rake and breaking their husbandís hearts. Unfaithful Women! Miranda refuses to allow history to repeat itself. So she wants to be ruined, seduced, and ravished. At least she thinks she does if she can find out what all of those terms mean. She figures the best person for the job is the wicked marquess. He has had plenty of practice seducing and ravishing. However, he stays away from innocents like the plague until, like Miranda, they seem to be not so innocent at all.

Miranda wants him, Baird wants her, but can he really live up to his reputation and her high expectations as the wicked marquess?

The Wicked Marquess was definitely not. It would threaten to get juicy and then fall short of your expectations. MacKeever includes a lot of boring facts within her story. Many times this read was like a herbal medicine book or a really boring history book. I was really disappointed in this story. The title is quite misleading.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Lakisha.

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