by Katie Allen

February 2009
ISBN: 9781419919589
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Action, adventure and a sexy, hulking big-ass neighbor to seal the deal..sigh

I really need to rethink living in the south and maybe head out to the Midwest where everything seems to be bigger! Here in a quiet little town, we meet Lily. She minds her own business, has a brother that she really cares for and life is good and boring.

However, her brother shows up with evidence that she has to hold so he can blackmail his lover and within days there are gun toting thugs in her home, her life is threatened and what was once a quite contrite life is turned upside down. Enter Rob, the sexy hulking neighbor there to sweep her off her feet. ….sigh again

While I enjoyed the book over all to break it down and analyze it, the book came up lacking.

The plot, while a good idea never really came to fruition. Her brother Mikey, while she loves him very much left me wanting to tear my hair out (which is short anyway, so it wouldn't look so bad but still!) The whole blackmail thing he had come up with was just full of holes and frustrating.

Lily had issues with men (apparently from some of her reactions to Rob) but it's never explored. I felt that she was just this meek little mouse and big strong Rob had to save her.

I like how Rob fell hard for Lily - perhaps because she was so emotionally scarred from some phantom incident in her past) and that his family was pretty cool. Rob was mainly the saving grace of the book. I wanted to know more about him and the author delivered. He was fully developed had a great personality and I'm going to re-read the book so that I can savor everything about him. …swoon

Reviewed in November 2009 by Lucy.

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