by Katherine Kingston

October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2053-0
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In 950 C.E. England people still live by old traditions. Fianna is part fey, part human, and a healer. It is almost time for the equinox and she must choose a partner with whom to celebrate. Henrik is a visiting Norseman and outsider, but his virile masculinity appeals to Fianna and she chooses him. Fianna has only been with a couple men and it was not pleasurable. She is taken aback by the sheer beauty of Henrik's beautiful manly chest at first glimpse.

After their first special night together, Henrik departs and Fianna fears he is gone forever. Fortunately for her, he shows up with perfect timing. Fianna has gifts from her fey side, especially as a healer. Her talents are put to the test by circumstances that may change the course of her life. Henrik has awakened her long suppressed passion.

Henrik is a brave Viking with a deep abiding love of family . Could he choose a life with Fianna who many have labeled a witch?

Ms. Kingston brings the ancient setting of this tale to life with authentic sounding dialog and vibrant descriptions. This story is categorized as romantica and there is plenty of sizzle and a few spankings to put it in that genre. Love and passion have been with us always. Let us hope they never depart.

Walpurgis Night is a time of decision for the heroine. I hope readers will decide to indulge their sensual side and enjoy it as much as I did.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Roberta.

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