by Jillian Hunter

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-345-50395-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Harriet Gardner is something straight out of “My Fair Lady”. She is a common London street urchin turned gentlewoman. Years ago caught red-handed stealing from the Boscastle clan, they took her in to the Scarfield Academy for Young Ladies and turned her life around. Now she has risen to the ranks of instructress of etiquette, and she feels pretty content until….. Lord Griffin Boscastle dares to grace the doors of the school. He awakens in her a longing and a hunger she has never felt before. Just a few of his kisses causes her want and feel stirrings in her nether regions. Then his aunt is so enamored of her she wants to hire her as a companion, thus making Harriet’s virtue very unsafe from the clutches of the duke.

Lord Griffin Boscastle, Duke of Glenmorgan, is not interested in marriage or love. He just wants to drop off his angry, brooding niece at the school and get rid of his meddlesome aunt. Or so he thinks. When he meets Harriet, he realizes something is wrong with him because he begins to want things he has sworn off. He looks into her hungry, enticing eyes and he starts to think with his other head. He lets her know if she does not stay away he will not responsible for the thorough ravishing he has planned. Unfortunately, for him, Harriet is not opposed to this ravishing, therefore, she is temptation wrapped up in supposed propriety. She responds to every kiss and caress, and Griffin hungers for every opportunity to possess her entirely.

The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife is an enjoyable read. It starts off a bit slow, but as the story begins to unfold, it is hard to put down. The characters are interesting and a lot of fun. Ms. Hunter gives definition to the term dynamic characters. This is a stand alone, but reading this book makes you want to read more about the irresistible, Boscastle men.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Lakisha.

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