by Heather Grothaus

November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0243-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Cherbon Castle

May 1103

The once idealistic Lord Roderick Cherbon went off to Crusade hoping to finally earn his malicious father’s respect. After years of fighting culminate in a battle that nearly cost Roderick’s life, he’s on the brink of death when word arrives that his father is dead. Roderick has something to live for, he can go home. Nursed in a brothel by a former lover and by faithful friend Sir Hugh Gilbert, Roderick sets out to reclaim Cherbon. The Crusade has changed him, not only mentally but physically, earning him the new title of “Beast of Cherbon.” In a twist of irony (his father’s last act of spite towards him), there is a stipulation to Roderick’s inheritance of Cherbon. He must wed before his thirtieth year, or his title and holdings will be forfeit to his cousin! Who is mad enough to wed a scarred vicious tempered brute like Roderick Cherbon?

Lady Michaela Fortune has been mocked for her clumsiness, the butt of many a nasty joke by other members of the nobility. Still, Michaela holds to her pride, and cares deeply for her poverty stricken parents. Michaela will do whatever it takes to keep them from losing what is left of their home. Her mother’s brush with the legendary Wild Hunt on the eve of Michaela's birth has further condemned “Miss” Fortune in the eyes of others. With faith, and gentleness of heart Michaela sets out to become the bride that Roderick Cherbon so desperately needs. Confronted with his misshapen hulking body, the hideous scars on his once handsome proud face, Michaela sees beyond the physical of Lord Roderick into his deep intense emerald eyes to the loving man she knows he can be. Can Miss Fortune be the woman who tames the beast?

Author Heather Grothaus continues her climb up the romance ladder to success with Taming the Beast. Ms. Grothaus puts a new twist on the Beauty and the Beast tale. Anyone who has ever been the victim of bullying will empathize with Michaela. Michaela raises above all that and brings light and love to the darkness of Roderick Cherbon. The supporting characters of cynical Hugh and the adorable Leo make this a tale of enchanted reading you will remember long after finishing it. Taming the Beast earns five roses!

Reviewed in January 2010 by Bonnie.

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