by Tricia Goyer, Mike Yorkey

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3336-0
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Trade Paperback

August 1944, and an attempt has been made on Adolf Hitlerís life. While the attempt was unsuccessful, it fueled the Gestapo into mercilessly rounding up suspecting enemies of the Third Reich.

Gabi Mueller is a Swiss-American working as a translator in Switzerland. When her boss discovers her talent in cracking safes, he starts utilizing her in some activities that could be considered very dangerous. But it doesnít stop there. Soon Gabi finds herself working with a top-secret spy ringÖ

Joseph Engle is a German physics whiz, working on perfecting a nuclear bomb, who has no idea that the Gestapo has targeted him as an enemy of the Third Reich. Born to Jewish parents and adopted out when his parents died when he was an infant, Joseph doesnít even realize that heís Jewish. So discovering this fact makes him physically illóespecially when he finds himself on the run. The fate of the entire war hangs in the balance...

The Swiss Courier is another World War II winner by acclaimed author, Tricia Goyer. I was eagerly awaiting the release of this title and it didnít disappoint. World War II is my favorite historical time period to read about, and even so, I did learn some things that I didnít know in this book. Things I was stunned to hear my high school senior mention to me as I read this book, which he was learning in one of his classes.

Gabi is a very real heroine, and she won my heart from the beginning. I also couldnít help but care for Joseph. The plot was fairly predictable, but there were some unexpected twists that kept it interesting. I literally couldnít put The Swiss Courier down. Donít miss this book. It is an awesome read.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Laura.