by Susan May Warren

February 2010
ISBN: 978-1935416678
Reviewer Graphic Button Summerside Press
Trade Paperback

Markos Stavros loves Sofia Frangos but he knows that his mother would never consider her worthy of him. Now, on the eve of Markos’ brother’s wedding, Markos comes home with fish for the wedding feast on the morrow — fish that Sofia cleans and prepares. But the wedding never happens, for instead it turns into a murderous scene with at least three dead, and Markos and his younger brother Dino fleeing for America. The only bright spot is that Sofia and her grandfather are with them.

Sofia’s grandfather dies enroute to America, leaving Sofia in the care of the Stavros brothers. Markos has an offer to send Dino and Sofia to Minneapolis to live with a Doctor and his wife, but Markos insists that they are family, they will stay together. Instead, they find themselves a ward of their Uncle Jimmy who is involved in the gang wars in Chicago. And now Markos is fighting to just stay alive. He’s warned that no one ever escapes Jimmy, but Markos is determined to try.

Sofia is torn between the two brothers. Markos is hot-headed and passionate, and Dino is quiet and intelligent. But with World War II calling both brothers to war she hesitates to decide — lest she is left behind.

Sons of Thunder is one of the launch books of Summerside Press’ new fiction category, historical romantic suspense. I have read all of Ms. Warren’s books so far and considered myself a huge fan, but this book fell far short of the hopes I had in it.

Markos is hot-headed and angry. A man I’d be terrified of. And his Uncle Jimmy is simply awful. I hated how he was manipulating Markos, Dino, and Sofia into what he wanted. Sofia wants to help Markos make decisions for their future, but he wants to do it alone, even if he fails. Dino hates what has happened to drive them away from Greece, and he has dreams—dreams that will be destroyed if he stays in Chicago. The story, while compelling and well-written is a very hard story to read.

Reviewed in May 2010 by Laura.

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