by Linda Lael Miller

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-77436-4
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Mass Market Paperback

If you thought the McKettricks of Indian Rock, Arizona were rough tough and all together way too sexy, then get ready for their kissing cousins, the McKettricks of Texas. Linda Lael Miller loads up her brand new trilogy with her customary mix of animals, family drama, and lots of hot steamy romance. You get what you would expect with LLM in McKettricks of Texas: Tate, so sit back and enjoy!

Blue River, Texas

For divorced dad Tate McKettrick balancing parenting duties to his six-year old twin daughters, and his obligations as owner of the Silver Spur ranch keep him busy enough. Not to mention keeping out of harmís way with the curve balls his manipulating ex-wife Cheryl throws at him. Living in the tight knit community of Blue River, Tate has kept his distance from his old high school flame Libby Remington. Tate canít help but feel guilty for the hurt and devastation he put Libby through. Yet, when their paths finally do cross itís as if time has stood still and all the old feelings between them come sizzling to the surface.

Libby Remington has her own hands full and doesnít need the complications a renewed romance with Tate McKettrick would bring into her already chaotic life. Having nursed and buried her beloved dad during his battle with cancer, Libby now has put all her efforts and finances into her fledgling business, the Perk Up coffee shop. Then there is the issue of Marva, her estranged mother. Marva has returned to Blue River demanding she be let back into Libbyís and her sistersí lives just as suddenly as when she left them as children years ago. Plus there is also Libbyís volunteer work with the local animal shelter fostering homeless dogs, two of which are currently bunking with her and her own beloved pet, Hildie.

When Tate calls asking if Libby could bring the pups over for his daughters as a last minute birthday gift, Libby is reluctant. Can Libby put aside old hurts and learn to love and trust Tate McKettrick again?

Reviewed in January 2010 by Bonnie.

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