by Alexis Morgan

February 2010
ISBN: 978-1416563457
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Missouri based Paladin warrior Hunter Fitzsimon wasn’t too happy about his sudden transfer to Seattle. Hunter became more ticked off when his new boss, Seattle Paladin leader Devlin Bane, assigned him to explore and report on a small cave up in the mountains that had a barrier to the alternate world of Kalith, home of the others from which the Paladins fight to protect earth. Having been tortured to “death” (Paladins have the ability to heal rapidly) Hunter still was recovering from his horrific injuries and was suffering big time from post-traumatic stress. Arriving at the small town of Justice Point, Hunter finds himself at the home/Tea shop owned by Tate Justice who happened to have the only apartment currently for rent in the area close enough to the cave.

Inheriting the Victorian era home of her late uncle, Tate Justice was looking for a way to supplement her income from the tea shop by letting out the apartment above the garage. When Hunter Fitzsimon arrives in answer to her advertisement, Tate’s long dormant female hormones get jump started into full throttle by the man’s oozing sexuality. Clearly Hunter Fitzsimon has secrets, and his limp and scowling demeanor hint of his having suffered from some sort of ordeal. But that doesn’t stop Tate from pursuing the elusive Hunter, gradually wearing down the walls Hunter has built around himself. Hunter and Tate will Defeat the Darkness and overcome their past hurts to battle the traitors that threaten both worlds.

I love those sexy Paladin Warriors! Alexis Morgan continues her smoldering Paladins of Darkness series with the sixth installment, Defeat the Darkness. Hunter Fitzsimon is not the typical Paladin fighting machine, he has survived a harrowing attack from crazed others which has for the first time made Hunter realize he is as vulnerable as any man. Healing both physical and mental wounds is not easy but with the help of spitfire Tate Justice, Hunter has a new hope. He is ready to put aside old hatreds and make new alliances, and the climax of Defeat the Darkness will drive this exciting series in a whole new direction!

Reviewed in January 2010 by Bonnie.

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