by Susan Johnson

January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23020-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Osmond, Baron Lennox, is one hot stallion of Indian heritage. All of the ladies of the ton would like a piece of him. He is outrageously rich, he wins at gambling, and he is at the peak of his sexuality. Life is good, or so he wants to believe. Then he accidently finds himself in bed with the wrong woman, and he is caught up in a makeshift scandal, not of his own accord, with a delectable countess.

Isolde Perceval is trying to keep her fortune out of the clutches of her conniving cousin who is trying to marry her. To throw him off the scent of marriage, she creates a scheme to get caught cheating on the terms of her betrothal. Unfortunately instead of the actor that she paid coming into the room, Osmond shows up. This puts a complete wrench in her plans. Osmond creates a plan to save her the trouble of having to deal with her parasite of a cousin. The plan seems sensible enough, marriage. This is only supposed to be a business deal that protects her fortune. However, when their bodies touch, passion explodes and they are both touched by something they had never encountered before: passionate love. Of course, neither of them would ever admit to it, and only want to give it the demeaning label of lust. Can these two independent souls see past their selfish need to be in control fan the fires of what could be an eternal love?

Sexy as Hell is bomb!!! It is tantalizing, sexy, and oh so enjoyable. Johnson does not allow her heroine to be weak and cower before the throne of her dominant lover. Instead, both characters hold their own in the face of each otherís passion. I love how she lets Isolde take control of her own sexuality, and allows her to indulge in her insatiable need to rut. The story is good and you will race home to enjoy this story to the last drop.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Lakisha.

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