by Julie James

March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23338-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Something About You hits all the right spots of a near perfect contemporary romance.

Cameron Lynde just wanted to fall asleep. Too bad what turned into a vigorous night of sex for the couple on the other side of the wall escalated into murder. Even more unfortunately for Cameron, she is the only witness to the murder. Her life hits topsy-turvy in zero to sixty, bringing with it a blast from the past.

FBI Agent Jack Pallas was banished to the placid criminal world of Nebraska three years ago because of Cameron and he has never forgotten her role in it. He is newly back in Chicago and wouldn’t you know it, but his first job has to do with Cameron. Needless to say, neither person is happy.

Only a very talented author like Julie James can take such long-held animosity and turn it into something special. And wonders of wonders, she does it without her characters constantly bickering. Sure, they have their arguments, but at heart, Jack and Cameron use wit, intelligence, and passion to solve the problems of the past.

Cameron is a highly intelligent woman with a good job she loves as an assistant U.S. Attorney. She has a life outside of work, she has friends, but she has never really met that special someone. Three years ago feelings started to blossom between these two but then some lies and distortions ruined it. Now, as these two work together to discover the murderer, they are forced into close confines and those feelings come back. It is romantic and hilarious.

I zoomed through Something About You because it was just a plain delicious read. A nice mix of suspense and romance. Jack comes across as a bit of a curmudgeon at first but that soon changes as he unleashes his own brand of charm and humor. Cameron will win you over with her intelligence and zest for life. These two have just the right chemistry to make this story a surefire hit. Something About You is another astounding story from a new heavy-hitter in contemporary romance, Julie James.

Reviewed in March 2010 by Sarah.

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