by Nalini Singh

February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23336-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

It has been a year since the battle to the death of archangel Uram. Vampire Hunter Elena Deveraux has just come out of her coma. She is no longer a mere mortal human now; she is a weak immortal angel. She is also lover to the powerful archangel Raphael.

The situation with the archangels is as dangerous as ever, however and for Elena, it is deadly. She is seen as a weakness for Raphael and several of the archangels would not mind killing her permanently. A new danger is also stirring and taking aim at Elena. A mysterious killer is attacking angels and leaving a mark. Someone wants to join the cadre of seven and is more than willing to get Elena out of the way to do it.

Nalini Singh kicks butt in her new book. Archangelís Kiss builds on the world and characters started in Angelsí Blood. Characterization is stronger than ever, as is the world building. Elenaís past is slowly revealed and readers will get a better glimpse into what has made her such a great hunter.

The romance continues to heat up too, slowly and steadily. Raphael and Elena have some trust issues to continue to work through but they are unafraid to challenge each other and to dig deeper into their relationship. Their growing intimacy is refreshing in many ways too because they cannot go very far. Elena is too weak to take on Raphael so they have to become intimate in other ways first. I really enjoyed the buildup of this relationship, even more so than in the first book.

Raphael reveals new aspects of himself to Elena, all the while still remaining somewhat mysterious. He is not nearly as aloof however and you will clearly see that this is a man, an angel, passionately in love. Digging into the world of the archangels again was both exhilarating and frightening. These are characters with immense power at their beck and call and to see it being used casually and negligently is alarming. Readers will definitely feel more comfortable in this world if they have read the first book, Angelsí Blood already, but as usual, Nalini Singh tries not to leave even new readers behind.

All in all, Archangelís Kiss is superb. If you werenít hooked on this series before, you surely will be now! Awe-inspiring and frightful, Archangelís Kiss is going to leave you hanging on every word of this story.

Reviewed in February 2010 by Sarah.

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