by Ingela F. Hyatt

October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59998-114-7
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Upon his fatherís death Reynard Devin de Fauconer is the new Baron Rothwell. He returns to his ancestral castle to find that his cousin has stolen his home and his identity. Reynard is imprisoned at the castle for killing his cousin Garronís woman. Reynard blames himself as well and so vows to never touch another woman.

Lady Rianna de Termonde has come to marry the Baron Rothwell. Although it was not planned, Rianna helps Reynard escape the castle. She does not recognize him as the man she was betrothed to as a young girl. Nor does she know that he is the true Baron Rothwell. What does she get in return for her trouble? He kidnaps her!

As Reynard and Rianna are on the run he begins to feel a fierce attraction to his betrothed. Reynard struggles against it for fear of getting close to another woman. He canít face being responsible for any trouble that may come to Rianna. True, she is his hostage, but Reynard means her no harm.

Reynard is not the only one fighting demons from the past. Rianna feels responsible for the death of her mother. All because she would not betroth herself to the reprehensible Baron DíEivil. A man who promised her that she would be his one way or another.

When Reynard tells Rianna the truth concerning his identity she is furious. Rianna escapes him in the night only to be caught by Baron DíEivilís men. She is taken back to what she now knows is Reynardís castle. Rianna is not sure if Reynard will come for her after the way she reacted to his news.

But Reynard does follow and finds more than he bargained for waiting for him.

A Knight of Passion is a spicy medieval romance by Ingela F. Hyatt. It is set during the time in which the Empress Matilda and Stephen battled for the throne of England.

I donít know if it was because I read A Knight of Passion during the busy holidays, but I had a difficult time staying interested in Reynard and Rianna. I have to admit Garronís character intrigued me more than Reynard. I was left wondering if the author intends to write a sequel with Garron as the hero.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Rho.

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