by Marteeka Karland

September 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-247-0
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Fire. Water. Air. Earth. All are elements which protect humankind from the wrath of the gods. Yet each element has its own aggression, its own passions. The collection begins with the story of Pyros, God of Fire. Allisonís love isnít enough to stop the destruction of fire once itís set in motion. Next comes Jadaís story ó love for her priest must help stop the destruction of Atlantis and after that, Talon whose earthly strength must be tamed. Finally comes Angelina, the Goddess of Air, who must complete the circle.

With the help of humans, the elementals must find love and passion to stop the cycle of destruction and protect mankind forever.

God of Fire anthology has an interesting plot concept of using elemental gods as protagonists. There is a very good incorporation of mythology into the plot as well as numerous hot, erotic sex scenes. The story has a perfect blend of adventure and heated sex. God of Fire captures the imagination, especially concerning humans relationship with the planet. The apocalyptic ending fits in with the story perfectly. My favorite couple in the anthology was Jada and Cronos.

Despite it being a good story, for me personally, there was something missing. I love adventure stories rich with mythology and sex but I didnít connect well with the characters initially. The pacing of the story, slow in places, may have added to this.

God of Fire is worth a read, especially if like me, you love mythology. But itís not a story Iíll be reading again.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Donna.

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