by Jaid Black

September 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2504-7
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Peggy Brannigan is in Alaska studying the Inupiaq culture for her dissertation. Through living with her host family she is learning quite a bit, maybe too much. One day on a trip into a village her guide realizes Peggy is being hunted, but that is all he will tell her. Peggy’s inquisitive nature urges her to investigate the people her guide referred to as the stone dwellers. Information, however, is not forthcoming. To speak of the stone dwellers is to call them forth. They are known to steal women from nearby villages. To Peggy, the little information she does garner sounds too much like a legend. Perhaps a story mothers use to keep their daughters in line. Whatever the origin of the story, Peggy relaxes her guard. Bad judgement on her part.

It is the pride of the men of New Norway to steal a bride. Geirwolf Valkraad’s choice is Peggy. Her voluptuous figure promises many nights of pleasure and many children. The latter being of the utmost importance.

A Viking prophecy foretells a great suffering will fall upon the whole world, for its women will dwindle in numbers... Take to the earth, the haven bequeathed to us; the belly of the gods. And so, Wolf’s ancestors created their own civilization within a mountain and beneath the ground. New Norway exists as if it is the tenth century rather than the twenty-first. When Wolf takes Peggy as his captive she is at once overwhelmed by fear as to what he may plan to do to her and with curiosity as an anthropologist. Then there is the burning desire she feels for the gorgeous hunk of a Viking warrior. It‘s like nothing she‘s ever experienced.

Besieged is a scorcher! Jaid Black has created an erotic world for strong Viking men and the women who love them. In this bold novella Black gives us humor, an original plot, and enough heat to melt the Arctic ice cap.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Rho.

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