by Michele Sinclair

December 2009
ISBN: 978-1420108545
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, 1311

When still a boy, fierce Highlander Cole McTiernay had learned to hate the English who scarred him physically and mentally. Witnessing his best friend viciously tortured and murdered by English knights turned Coleís heart to stone and made him in to the ferocious fighter he is today. His sister-in-law Laurel has assigned him the foolís task of journeying into those despised lands of his mortal enemies and retrieve ďsomethingĒ of value to her from her brother, an English border lord. Still toying with what to do about taking on the lairdship of the scattered nomadic highlanders, Cole begrudgingly agrees to Laurelís request. When he arrives at Ainsley Cordellís keep, Cole gets the shock of his life when he is handed over an enraged ragged hissing spitting and very smelly shrew that manages within seconds to get under Coleís iron clad demeanor. Unlike most women who fear Cole this one gives back everything Cole dishes out, and more!

Lady Ellenor Howell hates men. Narrowly escaping an attempted rape that cost her beloved fatherís life, Ellenor has kept up an illusion of madness to keep men at bay. She doesnít bath, dresses in rags, and barks out curses at all potential mates her sister and brother-in-law have tried to find for her. Fed up with the hellion, the Cordells are ecstatic to be rid of her when the Highland warrior commander comes for her. Finding a man that she is somehow not afraid of sparks Ellenorís curiosity about this stoic warrior. Coleís sworn vow to Ellenor that no harm will come to her while she is under his protection makes Elle's heart melt to the Scot. Desiring the Highlander will take Ellenor from all she has ever known to the wilds of the Scottish highlands and into the arms of Laird Cole McTiernay.

Michele Sinclairís third book in her McTiernay brothersí series, Desiring the Highlander is spellbinding! Finding a true soul mate in the form of a hellish Englishwoman, is not what hero Cole would have thought of as good marriage material. Ellenor is not afraid of him, throwing back at him any barbs he slings, and unlike most lasses, doesnít show fear of him! Ellenor is bewildered by her lack of panic when thrust into this hulking highlanderís arms. Instinctively Elle knows this is the man for her. Good characterizations of two tortured souls finding each other in the least likely of people, Desiring the Highlander is sure to score points with fans of Highland romance.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Bonnie.

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