by Hannah Howell

November 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0464-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

To the casual onlooker Pleasance Dunstance seems to live the charmed life. Her parents are rich and well-connected. They live in the lap of luxury in their big house. However, her life is not charmed. Her parents thoroughly mistreat her, she lives in the attic, and she is an old spinster of twenty-three. When someone finally shows an interest in her she is forced to move aside and allow her spoiled brat sister, Letitia, take over the reigns of the courtship. Pleasance has always tried to make her parents happy, therefore, she breaks her own heart and moves aside.

Tearlach O’Duine is happily courting Pleasance and things seem to be progressing well until she suddenly breaks it off with him. He is hurt and confused. He knows when she kissed him he felt the heat of her passion, and now this. Then Pleasance gets caught up in trying to save Letitia from scandal by breaking into Tearlach’s hotel room and getting some items that really needed to be returned. She is caught, put in jail, and tried as a common criminal. Her family does not lift a finger to save her, which is her undoing. Then Tearlach decides to make her his indentured servant, and man, is Pleasance hot. Tearlach can redeem his pride at her cold rejection and get some work done at his farm. And maybe he can test the passion that was promised at their first kiss.

When a madman is after them, and Tearlach and Pleasance have to face the prejudice against his half-breed sister Moira, they show each other the strength of their character and the potency of their feelings for each other.

Wild Conquest is somewhat a Cinderella story. This story is heart-wrenching. The reader will be moved to compassion at Pleasance’s mistreatment from her family. Her character makes you want to root for her. What I love about this book is the main characters really are dynamic. They change as the story progresses and they find out more about each other. The relationship between the characters shows actual growth and maturation. You will truly enjoy this book.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Lakisha.

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