by Janice Hanna

August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-935416-16-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Summerside Press
Trade Paperback

Poetry, Texas - 1904 - What do you get when you have more men then women in a town? One Belinda Bauer, marriage broker.

Belinda decides to open up shop as a marriage broker to help the local gents get wives. There is however a small, problem, she has no idea what she is doing and all her mail order brides are seemingly matched with the wrong men. Belinda feels with a town name like Poetry, there should be happiness with all her brides not the problems she is getting.

There seems to be a big problem with Georg Kaufman, the barber, he has lost more than one prospective wife, they all seem to want to be paired up with someone other than himself! He knows the perfect woman for him is Belinda, she, however does not see herself married to him or anyone else.

Can George get Belinda to see all her matchmaking schemes for him are the wrong ones? Can Belinda get the right bride to the right groom without having everyone dislike her?

What a fun, romantic novel this was, it was pure romance with twists thrown in, to keep the reader on their toes. The Love Finds You series are set in different states, with a unique feature pertaining to the name of the town. There are both contemporary and historical storylines.

Reviewed in December 2009 by Pat.

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