by Andrea Kane

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-123680-8
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow

In the two years since she left the FBI after a serious injury, Sloan Burbank has started a thriving independent consultant business and just recently gotten back together with her significant other, FBI Special Agent Derek Parker. Sloan and Derek are used to getting phone calls at all hours of the night but not like the one Sloan received from her father.

Years ago, Matthew Burbank and four of his friends formed a prosperous partnership, dealing in art. However, just lately unusual things have been happening to each man and it looks like it’s now Matthew’s turn. The Burbank’s apartment was broken into and Sloan’s mother walked in, right in the middle of the robbery. She was tied up and beaten unconscious. Matthew rushes her to the hospital and calls Sloan, asking her to meet him at the hospital……without Derek. Sloan’s radar goes off but she agrees, vowing to get to the bottom of things when she gets to the hospital. Once there, things go from bad to worse when Sloan’s father pays her a “retainer” and tells her that she is to tell Derek nothing before he’ll tell her anything. The story Matthew tells Sloan makes her realize that this was much more than a break-in and her parents are at risk….as is her relationship with Derek!

Andrea Kane’s Drawn In Blood is a most intriguing book! There is so much going on with so many different factions – both good and bad – and yet Ms. Kane brings it all together nicely. The “bad guy” in this book took the adage “Revenge is a dish best served cold” to heart. The planning and execution of his revenge was time-consuming, cold and calculated. Those on the receiving end saw things coming to a head and could do absolutely nothing to slow it down or stop it, except the unthinkable – go to the authorities, which would mean certain death. At the same time, the FBI and the Art Crime Unit are on the trail of international art thieves, not knowing that the two cases are linked. At times, Sloan, Derek and company feel like they are taking one step forward and two steps back until they are introduced to the new lady in the life of one of Matthew’s friends. After that, things start to fall into place.

Kudos to Ms. Kane for a thrill ride that I plan to take again and again!

Reviewed in April 2010 by PamL.

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