by Kelley Armstrong

October 2009
ISBN: 978-0-553-80662-5
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In her newest novel, Frostbitten, author Kelley Armstrong returns the Otherworld series full circle to the primary characters, Elena Daniels and her mate Clayton Danvers. Elena is on the trail of a rogue werewolf, a mutt who got into some trouble and has to be caught before he is killed. There is just one problem. The mutt, Reece, believes that she wants to kill him herself, and he runs whenever she gets too close. It is just one of the problems Elena has as the only known female werewolf, who happens to be mated to a legendary killer. No one ever wants to just talk.

When the trail takes a turn to Alaska, Clay joins Elena, hoping to enjoy the wilderness and finish the hunt quickly. They find a much bigger problem than one lone mutt. They encounter a group of Russian rogue wolves with murder on their minds. Two former pack mates migrated to the area and when one of them is murdered, Clay and Elena call for reinforcements to stop the gang violence.

Frostbitten brings a lot of the series threads together for me. From the original Bitten, to see how Elena and Clay have matured and become a powerful couple is rewarding. To learn that Jeremy wants Elena to be the next pack Alpha was a welcome surprise. Seeing Clay and Elena explore the changes in their relationship in that event shows great maturity for the characters and the series. Ms. Armstrong is a master of urban fantasy and this novel is just one more example of her skillful writing.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Paula.

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