by Madeline Baker

August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1983-1
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When Kelsey St. James finds a door into the past, she can barely believe it has thrust her into the Wild West – a period she knows well from her Papa Joe’s fantastical stories. Wondering how to get home, Kelsey learns to survive in the 1800s, meeting the enigmatic and rugged T.K. Reese.

Tall, dark and handsome gambler Reese has a price on his head, yet he cannot resist the strange looking woman dressed in bright pink breeches. Taking her under his wing, he teaches her how to play poker. When Kelsey is kidnapped, it’s down to Reese to be her knight in shining breeches.

Somewhere on their journey, they begin to fall in love, but Kelsey is from the future and Reese would never belong in her world. Can love win out through the centuries?

Shadows Through Time is the first non-erotic romance I’ve read in a long while. I cannot say I was disappointed! This book packs in everything I want to read in a good story – time travel, feisty heroine, strong hero, interesting place, romance and full blown danger. Kelsey and Reese are individually two extremely likeable characters, put them together as a couple and they are explosive. I loved all their banter, especially when Kelsey first arrived in the Wild West! But it was the yearning they both had for someone to love that touched my heart. Reese’s back story should not be read without a tissue to hand. Kelsey is just the woman he needs to heal his broken soul.

Ms. Baker has an amazing historical imagination. Her descriptions of the time period were spot on, showing she has done her research. Her secondary characters are rich and fun, making me wish to read some of their stories too.

The only criticism I have is in places the pace seemed to slow, things did not seem to be moving along.

Shadows through Time is a fun, frolicking, heart warming read set in the Wild West. If you like time travel and romance, I would highly recommend picking up this book!

Reviewed in October 2009 by Donna.

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