by Bonnie Dee, Marie Treanor

August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60504-649-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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Cinderella Unmasked is a continuation of the Cinderella fairytale. Instead of the happily ever after concept, it tells what happens after the original story ends. Prince Charming ends up leaving Queen Ella for a milk maid then working on a pirate ship as the captain’s “special friend”. So Ella is stuck ruling Prince Charming’s kingdom, but it is not all that it is crack up to be. She has the neighboring country who want to rage war against her, who by the way is ruled by her evil step family, she has been celibate since before the abdication of the king, and she has a steward that life is so mysterious she has not begun to unlock the man within.

Ella decides it is time to break her dry spell and have a sexual liaison. In order to do this she would have to keep her identity a secret, therefore she is going to have three masquerade balls. Her wildest sexual fantasies are realized when she meets three strangers, but wait until she finds out the identity of these secret lovers.

Cinderella Unmasked did not disappoint at all. I thought this would be a cheesy erotic version of the Cinderella story, but it was sooo much more. It actually sheds light on the fantasy world of happily ever after. Cinderella and Prince Charming are made more human with normal human problems. The love scenes are hot, but the story has a lot of unexpected depth.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Lakisha.