by Mary Lynn Baxter

October, 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-731-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Pulse Points by Mary Lynn Baxter opens with a bang. Kasey Ellis becomes the unexpected witness to her business partner, Shirley Parker’s murder. She becomes hounded by Detective Richard Gaillain. Gaillain sees solving the crime as a way to garner a big promotion.

While Kasey is concerned about Shirley’s killer being caught she’s also concerned about keeping herself afloat both personally and professionally. A big step in gaining financial security comes in the form of Senatorial candidate, Tanner Hart.

Tanner is not happy with his current advertising agency and much chagrin of his closest advisors he chooses to change agencies. He hires the firm now solely owned by Kasey Ellis, a woman from his past.

Kasey is leery of getting involved with Tanner on any level. She is scared he will find out about her big secret. However, the chemistry between them is palatable and neither can deny the urge to be together. Kasey looks at every downturn as another reason not to be together, but Tanner never waivers in his decision to have Kasey as a permanent part of his life. Two near-tragedies make Kasey realize that Tanner is right and life is too precious to waste any more time.

Pulse Points was a good book. It was not in my opinion very suspenseful or very chemically charged. Pulse Points is a book I believe to be worth the reading time, but will not be staying on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in November 2003 by Sandi.

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