by Kay Hooper

August 2003
ISBN: 0-5538-0300-X
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A brutal serial killer is stalking the women of Hastings, North Carolina. Heinous crimes like these aren’t supposed to happen in small towns. Police Chief Rafe Sullivan is almost out of ideas on how to identify him before he kills again. According to the profile provided by the FBI, this killer targets smart, successful, blonde, blue-eyed women of a certain age and lures them to their deaths. Rafe does the only thing he can when he and his deputies are stumped; he calls on the FBI for assistance.

When the agents arrive, Rafe is stunned by the appearance of the Special Agent who heads up the team because she fits the victim profile to a tee. Psychic and FBI profiler Isabel Adams is part of an elite team assembled by Special Agent Noah Bishop (Shadows trilogy). She’s not exactly what Rafe expected. She is drawn to Hastings to help catch this brutal murderer. Along with her colleagues, Isabel is dedicated to solving the unusually difficult crimes that fall under their aegis. She uses her ability to pick up on the residual emotional energies of an area to help solve her cases.

Rafe and Isabel instantly strike sparks against each other, literally. Rafe’s growing attraction to Isabel makes it even more imperative that they find this madman before he turns his eye towards Isabel. Time is running out.

Kay Hooper never fails to intrigue with each new instalment in this series. She manages to make the idea of psychic ability seem more the realm of science than science fiction. Not even the characters are allowed the illusion of mysticism when it comes to their abilities. Ms. Hooper will not disappoint with this chilling new tale. You will not be able to put it down so make sure you have absolutely nothing to do for a few hours.


Reviewed in September 2003 by Cynthia.

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