by Stephanie Laurens

ISBN: 0-06-000207-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Alicia Carrington is a fraud. Posing as a wealthy widow in order to launch her sister’s Season and, hopefully, good marriage, she faces ostracism and censure if her ruse is discovered. She is convinced that she is doing the right thing - Adriana is a diamond of the first water, and is sure to make a beautiful society bride. It is not even the height of the Season and already she has a cluster of eager young men anxious to escort her to the evening festivities.

One of the men in Adriana’s entourage, however, is not interested in the young debutante. Instead he is intent on a more unsavory liaison with “Mrs. Carrington” and threatens to expose her secret unless she agrees to be his paramour. When she asks for twenty-four hours to make her decision, he agrees, smug in the knowledge that she cannot risk the revelation of her true identity. Imagine her shock when she later finds the blackmailing rogue stabbed to death on the terrace!

Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, knows immediately that the beautiful widow had nothing to do with the murder. She does not have the height or strength required to wield the blade that killed the victim. However, his intuition is also telling him that the lady has some secrets of her own - secrets that he may need to uncover if he is to find the true killer. As Tony and Alicia become allies to track down the guilty assailant, they discover that there is more than one common interest between them.

A Gentleman’s Honor is the second installment of The Bastion Club series, and it is again a well-written, fast paced trip through Regency London and the upper echelons of society. Fans of Ms. Laurens will certainly not be disappointed in the debonair Torrington, or in the appearance of several other club members. Yes, if you must know, it IS just like the Cynster series and the other Bastion Club book. Personally, I do not care if the formula has only a few variations. I can read books like this on a regular basis and never tire of them. The key is that they have to be well-written. Ms. Laurens has found a niche and has honed her craft with extraordinary characters, great dialogue, and plots that offer humor, suspense and lots of romance. What more can a reader ask for?

Reviewed in October 2003 by Paula.

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